Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Results of Combining Operational Models with Financial Budgets

This is the final blog entry in a 3 part series on combining financial & operational models to link key business drivers to budgets & forecasts. Click here to review part 2 or part 1 respectively.

Combining operational models that link key business drivers with your financial budgets provide the following results:
  • Significantly shorter budget/forecast cycles
  • Facilitates market environment vs. calendar driven re-forecasting to react to quickly to changes
  • Re-aligns financial planning focus
  • Facilitates insight between operational tactics and the financial forecast
  • Facilitates variance analysis at the operational and key driver level
  • Shifts professional resource time from collecting data and maintaining spreadsheets to analysis and decision making
Please browse this autodemo for an overview of Prophix CPM, a solution that can facilitate sophisticated operational modelling.

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