Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Management Reporter: 7 Reasons to Upgrade

This blog is the condensed material to be presented in a webinar tomorrow:
  • Familiar User Interface (MR is both like MS Office and FRx)
  • Simplified Reporting Tools (i.e. Undo, Associations, Hide/Unhide, Exporting/Importing Selected Building Blocks, etc..)
  • Powerful Analysis & Personalization Capabilities (Logos, Custom Page Numbering, Custom Page Breaks, Complex Filtering, etc...)
  • Superior Performance & Security (SQL based solution, Enhanced Security, Server-side processing, Supports 64 bit, Windows Authentication, etc...)
  • Migrating from FRx to MR is Easy! (Well.. for the most part!)
  • MR is the Future! (MS has made a significant investment in MR as the CPM platform for Dynamics GP)
  • You Want to! (MR is only compatible with GP2010 and higher.  FRx SP11 is also compatible with GP2010.)