Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Management Reporter (MR) Feature Pack Update

Microsoft Management Reporter Feature Pack 2 can currently be expected in the latter half of 2011, which means it will be here in time for Christmas!

Many of the new features will be related to a distribution theme, such as:

• Sharepoint integration (Note: This likely will not be an MR Viewer experience within Sharepoint, but rather a listing of reports in Sharepoint that users can launch the MR Viewer on and view with the MR Reports Library where they are securely stored.)

• Emailing

• Scheduling (Note: Command link scheduling is available now.)

• Show accounts without dimension codes on reports (Note: Currently account segments also display the full dimension names, which many people have wanted changed.)

• Some type of Drill down to GP

Obviously the above is not a full list and it is subject to change.  Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner for more information.