Monday, September 5, 2011

Management Reporter Security & Licensing

Management Reporter's security model allows for four pre-defined security roles, namely: Administrator, Designer, Generator & Viewer.  These roles roughly correspond to their FRx counterpart; however, note that much of the rest of the way security works is very different than FRx.  For example, you cannot secure a specific report or building block to a specific group or user.

The chart below gives an overview of the MR security roles:

Now, MR licensing adds another twist.  Full Microsoft Dynamics GP licenses entitle an organization to an MR Designer license. This license allows the MR user to be given Administrator/Designer rights, although these licenses could be assigned as Generator/Viewers.

The Light Office user entitles an organization to an MR Viewer license which allows MR users to be granted Generator/Viewer rights.

So, if you require additional MR users, please contact your Microsoft Partner to review your needs; however, the following options may be available:

- a full Microsoft Dynamics GP license, which would give you an additional MR Designer license
- a separate MR Designer license (this would not give you any other Microsoft Dynamics GP users)
- a Light Office user.