Saturday, November 12, 2011

Looking for an FRx, MR, or Forecaster alternative or replacement?

For the record, I am a huge supporter of Microsoft's CPM solutions, which currently include FRx, MR and Forecaster.  While these solutions generally serve most CPM needs, there are certain CPM requirements that cannot be addressed well by these solutions.

Prophix CPM is a scalable enterprise level CPM solution that can handle 7 of these more challenging requirements:
  1. Combine financial & operational models to link key business drivers to budgets & forecasts
  2. Facilitate complex planning and forecasting scenarios
  3. Improve reporting speed
  4. Facilitate a robust workflow to help manage the budgeting cycle
  5. Automate the dissemination of reports and budgeting templates
  6. Fully automate and schedule administrative functions (i.e. loading of data, etc)
  7. Reduce administration to facilitate more frequent forecasting and timely intervention
If you're looking for a replacement for any or all of these solutions, Prophix CPM should make the short-list. Contact me or view the autodemo for more information.

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