Thursday, August 5, 2010

Management Reporter: The Devil is in the Details!

Jan Harrigan's post on transaction level drill-down in FRx (here) inspired me to draft this post on how to achieve transaction level drill-down in MR.

The basics and tips that Jan covered in her post apply to MR.  The main difference is found in the column design.  In MR, you do this by selecting ‘ATTR’ as the column type, then selecting an Attribute Category. The screen shot below shows what this looks like. As a reminder, you need to have a ‘Periodic’ vs ‘YTD’ FD column type in the column for the transaction level drill-down to work AND ensure that the Report itself is set to display Financial, Account & Transaction level information.

Finally, the full list of all 19 transaction level 'categories' currently available for display on drill-down in MR are:

Audit Trail Code
Batch ID
Currency ID

Distribution Reference
Exchange Rate
Journal Entry
Originating Audit Trail Code
Originating Document Number
Originating Master Record ID
Originating Master Record Name
Originating Transaction Type
Reporting Ledger
Source Document
Transaction Date

Have fun exploring the transaction level details! 
Note: Drill-down to Dynamics GP is currently not available in MR, but is expected to be included in Feature Pack 2, which is anticipated to be released in the spring/summer of 2011.


  1. I get this, and it works.

    Now I want to generate ONLY the transaction detail report, without the account summary first. I'd like to avoid having to drill down on each account. I've selected the Transaction Only detail level but am still getting the accounts without transactions, then must drill-down to get transaction detail.

    1. Good luck!

      I recall that even with FRx the 'Account Only' and 'Details Only' report option always showed the summary level first. When one of my colleagues or I have a chance to re-examine this, we'll update you here.