Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Migrating to Management Reporter (MR) from FRx when Upgrading to GP2010

Most of FRx’s core functionality is already built into Management Reporter (MR), including multi-company consolidation, multi-currency and AA integration. As such, many organizations using FRx could migrate to MR today along with GP2010 upgrade. 

Note:  Organizations do not have to migrate to MR with a GP2010 upgrade; however, an upgrade to GP2010 is required to use MR.

Having said that, a review of FRx functionality currently being used to ensure there are no surprise functionality gaps that may pose an issue upon migration is a good idea!

While this information is constantly changing, a current snap-shot of functionality gaps is outlined below:

'Not Yet' in MR:

Feature Pack 1 (FP/SP1), which is scheduled for fall 2010, is expected to have the following functionality:

• Translations (based off GP translations enhancement which is not yet in GP2010)

• Forecaster integration that will be more advanced that FRx’s

Feature Pack 2 (FP/SP2) which has a 'distribution' theme, scheduled for spring/summer 2011, is expected to have the following functionality:

• Sharepoint integration

• Email

• Drill down to GP (inquiry screen and possibly SRS reports)

'Not Currently Planned' for MR:

I believe the only ‘real’ deal breaker here is ‘row linking’ which is used in a small percentage of advanced FRx design environments.  However, a few other items, such as 'report manager' and 'effective dates' are also currently not planned to be incorporated into MR.  That may be somewhat misleading though, as MR may incorporate different more advanced functionality that would handle the same type of situations and much more.

'Different' or 'Improved' in MR:

Many features in MR are improved or different.  A few of these items are listed below:

• Translations (SP1)

• Forecaster integration (SP1)

• No Webport – Report Library (Current) or Sharepoint (SP2)

This is not a complete list.  I hope to blog about these features in the future, so stay tuned!


  1. Hello Les - excellent source for MR info - thanks.
    One update - one of the GP techs just recently mentioned to me that Forecaster won't be in the next release - but it would be in the next one following (ie Spring/Summer). Have you heard this?

  2. Hello John,

    Thanks for the feedback. Actually, I hadn't heard that, but this type of information is never static as you know. Now I'm curious!


  3. Hello John,

    I have an update from MS on this. Forecaster integration is still expected for FP1 (Winter 2010/11); however, it may be released a couple weeks after the translations functionality.

    Stay tuned!